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  Water Games to Keep Summer Fun

Water Games to Keep Summer Fun

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Last Updated: July 17, 2014


In This Article: Marco Polo Plus Jaws Ball Balloon Blast

Everyone likes a good, safe and easy pool game to keep a summer day exciting. Here's a variation on the classic game "Marco Polo" as well as a few new games to try out this summer. Make sure to get the adults involved in the action!

Water Games to Keep Summer Fun

 Marco Polo Plus

Everybody except "Marco" (or "it") is allowed to get out of the pool as long as they keep one body part in the water. A player may have just a big toe in the pool but still has to answer the "Marco" call with a "Polo" response. It helps to keep moving but players keep some part of the body in the water. Another variation is that those shouting "Polo" can get out of the water and walk around if they want. However, if "Marco" shouts "Fish out of water," then the person who is completely out of the pool is automatically "it."

 Jaws Ball

Players hold hands and form a circle. Place an inflatable ball the "shark" floating in the middle. The goal is to avoid the shark's bite. When a player is bumped by the ball, they are out of the game. Those remaining rejoin hands and play again. Blowing the ball or pulling another player toward the menacing fish is allowed. You decide if ducking underwater to evade the treacherous jaws counts or not.

 Balloon Blast

Place several dozen inflated balloons in the shallow end of a pool. Players compete to see who can grab and hold the most balloons under their bodies for one minute. Or you can pair up players and see if even more balloons can be held underwater through teamwork. Be sure to remove any pieces of balloon that pop during the fun.

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