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  Great Outdoor Games to Pair with Any Cookout - a grill with hot dogs cooking and a bocce ball overlaying wood

Great Outdoor Games to Pair with any Cookout

Last Updated: Aug. 16, 2013

In This Article: Go Gater Spring Fling Toss Bocce Ball Pass the Stick

Maximize the fun while minimizing the stress by keeping everyone entertained, especially the kids. Outdoor activities and lawn games can range from a simple Frisbee toss to setting up a volleyball or badminton tournament. Here are some great ideas for all ages.

 Go Gater Spring Fling Toss

This game is perfect for two or more players ages two and up. It’s easy to set up, take down, and store year-round. It comes with bouncy balls, a bounce platform and a target with three holes. Set the bounce platform in front of the target and mark a foul line that’s challenging enough for all players. Select the number of points a player needs to win, assign a ball color to each player, and see who can reach game point first by bouncing the ball on the platform into the target holes.

2 white chairs with pillows on them and a set of bocce balls laying the green grass

 Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is a classic standby for outdoor parties. Compete one-on-one, boys versus girls, or pit families against each other. Choose a prize for the winner or a task for the not-so-lucky ones. We’re thinking winners get to relax while the “unluckies” have to clean up.

 Pass the Stick

Remove flying objects from the equation for the youngest guests. The only thing you need to play “Pass the Stick” is a stick and a group of kids ready to play. Have them all sit in a circle and pass the stick around while they say the rhyme, “Pass the Stick is the name; Now it’s time to play the game; Better go fast as you can; So it touches everybody’s hand; S-T-I-C-K spells stick!” Whoever ends up with the stick at the end of the rhyme is out. The last person left is the winner.

You can also keep the youngest kids involved with activities like a friendly game of tag, a water gun fight, or a watermelon-seed spitting contest. Once they’ve worked up an appetite, (and after they’ve eaten dinner), let them create their own desserts at a cookie decorating table just for them.