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  3 Tips for Great Driving Range Etiquette - a man lining up his golf club to his golf ball at a driving range with rolling green hills and signs for distance

3 Tips for Great Driving Range Etiquette

Last Updated: Apr. 3, 2013

In This Article: Respecting Personal Space Silent and Safe Driving A Perfect Place for Practice

Golf balls in a large black basket for a driving range

Practicing at the driving range is an ideal way to improve your golf game. With so many golfers playing in such a close proximity, following a simple set of rules means the range can be a safe place for everyone to practice.

 Respecting Personal Space

All driving ranges are unique. Some require that you only hit from a mat. Others allow you to hit the ball off the grass. It is crucial in both mat and open grass area ranges to observe boundaries and common courtesy.

If there are no dividers or booths to separate tee areas, make sure you are at least two to three club-lengths away from any other golfer. When changing clubs do not encroach on adjoining booths and reduce the other player’s concentration.

 Silent and Safe Driving

Avoid sudden movements in the direction of a nearby player about to swing and limit all distracting noises as best you can. Turn your cell phone off, set it to vibrate or leave it in your car. If you need to take a call, do so away from the range.

Never attempt shots from the back of the booth. Before you swing, look around to make sure that nobody is behind you or about to walk by. Every player will at some point experience miss-hit range shots that trickle a few yards out in front of the tee area. Avoid the temptation to step into the range to collect miss-hit balls.

 A Perfect Place for Practice

In addition to offering standard driving practice and access to golf lessons, most driving range facilities also offer putting greens and short-game areas for chipping and putting. Treat these areas exactly as you would any green or section of a golf course.